Tip #1: Distraction, distraction, distraction

When you’re suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum (hg), it may be difficult to find relief from the endless nausea and vomiting. It sounds simple, but distracting your mind from the ever-present queasiness can really help.  Surviving hg is a battle won one hour at a time, and anything you can do to get through the next hour will help. Whether it’s diving into a new series on Netflix, learning to knit, or listening to a book on cd, finding something that occupies your mind is one of the most helpful ways to conquer this condition.

Help someone who is suffering by sharing your tips for distraction: What works for you?

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Getting the Support You Need

There are so ways an expectant mother needs help while she’s growing a little one. Love, compassion, and (often most importantly) food are key to helping her feel supported. Yet when a woman is suffering with hypermesis gravidarum, she needs so much more.

Medical care is at the top of the list. Finding a doctor who is knowledgeable, empathetic, and flexible is often difficult but so very important. Medical professionals who believe that HG will pass, is a psychological condition, or will fade with ginger and crackers do exist.

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