Ask for Help

We often feel that we can, and should, do it all. We’re on the run from morning until evening– getting everyone ready for the day, working eight hours, and then completing chores and housework until collapsing into bed. If you’re suffering through a hyperemesis gravidarum pregnancy, however, just getting out of bed and walking to the bathroom is a difficult endeavor. Accomplishing myriad chores you’re used to completing may be nearly impossible. To survive hg, you need to ask for help. Most women can’t afford to hire maids and nannys, so you’ll have to be creative. If there were ever a time to lean on family, now is it. Beg and barter with friends and neighbors, seek out church and community groups, and accept any help that is offered. Allowing others to carry some of the burden for a while helps them, too. And when you are better, you’ll be a stronger and humbler version of yourself, someone who understands just how much kindness is in the human heart.

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