Rest is Best

Tip #2: Take Time to Rest

As women, we are often juggling myriad tasks: changing the baby, cleaning the bath tub, answering the phone, folding the laundry… it never ends. And yet to be been better at these tasks, we need to take time for ourselves. Taking care of ourselves is one of the hardest things for us to find time for.

When you have hyperemesis gravidarum (HG), the temptation to “overdo it” is overwhelming. Not only do we feel terribly ill and exhausted, we are weighed down by an immensely strong sense of guilt because we are unable to complete everyday tasks like washing the dishes or vacuuming the rug. Yet forcing ourselves to complete chores often makes HG even worse. Avoiding rest can bring on another binge of vomiting, dehydration, and inevitably exhaustion.

Pushing aside the guilt you feel and allowing yourself to rest will help. Your job, right now, is to cook that baby. Part of the recipe for your particular little bun include a fair amount of rest, and the more the better. You will work yourself raw when the baby comes, but for now avoid relapses by forcing yourself to rest the best that you can.

How do you overcome the pull to work? Help others by sharing your thoughts in a comment below.

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